Tony B

Tony has over four decades of experience working in Schools, Theatre, Film productions, Contemporary Dance productions & T.V. films both private and public, amateur and professional, he started his acting

career early and appeared as child actor on the professional stage at the age of 13 in 1971 at the Old Playhouse in Leeds…

Since then he has gone on to act and play in many Shakespearian roles and contemporary stage performances and involved in all aspects of

Production from Publicity, Stage management, co-producing and Directing.

Other Theatre works include:

Directing the stage plays; ‘ One flew over a Cuckoo’s nest ‘ – Ken

Kesey, ‘Wuthering Heights’ Bronte, ‘Salt of the Earth’ – J.Godber,

co-directing ‘ Look back in anger’ and playing  Cliff, co-directing

Seasons Greetings – A Ayckbourn, Wild Honey – Chekov. Televison

films/series inc 2020, Touch of Frost, Seaforth and the  odd background extra work.

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