David trained at LAMDA, and as well as extensive Theatre In Education work has appeared in Thames-TalkBacks’ “Poisoned” for Sky One. Critical praise for David’s work includes his Tybalt: “brilliantly performed…fused fine acting with physical menace”, as Arthur in “Where’s Vietnam?”: “superbly played” and for his “strong performance… as the violent, authoritarian Fred” in “Pedalo”.

Other theatre work includes:

Banquo in “Macbeth”; Tybalt and Paris in “Romeo and Juliet”; Stephano and Gonzalo in “The Tempest”; Lorenzo in “The Merchant Of Venice”; Chorus in ‘Henry V’; John in “My Night With Reg”; Arthur in “Where’s Vietnam?”; Fred in the UK Premiere of “Pedalo”; Pozzo in “Waiting For Godot”; Phil in “Stand”
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